May 1, 2009

In the name of feminism-

I watched Laura Ingram filling in for Bill OReilly tonight. Her guest, Gloria Feldt, a feminist, was on with her. Topic of discussion was Carrie Prejean and the treatment she has received from (lame) "entertainment" personalities. Laura asked her where the feminist were while this woman has been visciously attack and degraded.

Why are they not standing up for her and why are they allowing her to be treated as she has been over the last two weeks? Now the pageant officials wish to strip her crown because she is speaking out for the family unit and premise of traditional marriage. How dare they! Who do they think they are to be her thought police? She has the right to her own opinion and she has the right to speak out for it since it was made into an issue, not by her but by others who feel they have license to trample all over her for her beliefs.

Gloria Feldt ( seems to think she deserves what she is getting. She seems to think Carrie Prejean needs a heart transplant. Feminism = justice and equality? I do not think so Gloria! If so, you would seek justice for this young woman, you would be protecting her from the maliciousness and you wouldn't be adding smarly comments about her physical appearance. You might want to hold off on anymore botox, it seems to have gone straight to your brain and made it not work quite right. Where is your heart Gloria Feldt? Maybe you need a heart and brain transplant instead.

WHAT? How can anyone, especially a woman, stand by and allow self-serving, egotistical maniacs trashtalk what seems to me as a bright, beautiful young woman who has worked hard to get to the pageantry and was raised with what appears to be 'christian values'. What is wrong with Christan values? I admit, I myself am not a Christan. I myself could care less for the religious sect. I went to church when I was younger. I saw how people look down their noses and judged you. I saw how they went to church, then go home, got mad or sometimes drunk, beat their kids and then go back to church that night as all is forgiven. No thanks... I don't need religion like that. I do however feel that the principles of the bible are solid and good for one and all. I find nothing in the Ten Commandments nor the Constitution that is put forth to hurt a one human soul. The principles and practice of basic goodness is for all people. I may not feel church is for me, but I surely do think that tolerance and goodness is something everyone should strive to achieve.

What is wrong with a woman answering honestly a question that I do not think should have ever been asked in such a forum? I blame the pageant people. If you don't want to hear the answer and accept it as my own thought, then don't ask! Why is that when one does speak their mind, nasty people have to make fun, resort to calling them horrible names because they aren't kissing up to what the judge wants to hear. How dare they! How dare they push their own personal agendas. How dare HIM!

I never became a 'feminist' even though I thought, in my 20's (with the second wave of feminism 1960-1980's in the process), they were all about equality for women in the workplace. I agreed with that premise. It seemed fair that I should be paid the same as my male counterparts for the same work. However, I have worked with women who were paid more than I and did a lot less work. There is and never will be equality in the workplace.

I thought, if you worked hard, showed your bosses that you were there to give your best abilities to help the company in which you worked grow and make profit, that recognition and promotions would come and money would surely follow. WRONG! No one really cares how hard you work or how loyal you are no matter if you work for man or a woman. I have worked for both. There is no difference.

When I grew up, (sheltered as a military dependant) women were expected to find a husband, have babies and take care of her family and home. They were also expected to pitch in and help out when the family unit was in financial crunch. If you wanted to go to college, you paid for it, not your parents. You worked and went to school at the same time. If you wanted a career you could have one. Fair enough. I got married, I worked and went to college without the help of any feminist. In fact without the help of anyone. I did it, me, all by myself.

Over the last 30 years, the family unit has collapsed. Women are expected/forced to work long hours outside the home only to come home and work longer hours taking care of the family and home. How is this fair? How is this equal? Why have women been told over the last thirty years that you must work, you must have a career and that the family should take a backseat to your ambition? Why is that women who choose to be at home, raise their children and take care of their family is somehow less of a woman than those who run corporations or have a career? This premise is wrong on so many levels.

What the hell have these FEMINIST done to our families? I blame them for the loss of the family. I blame them for forcing women to carry the burden of two and three jobs, paid and unpaid. I blame them for not standing up for ALL women, no matter what their personal beliefs are. Shame on those feminist!

Women having babies alone without the help of a mate, so they are forced to add to the welfare what they wanted? Children having babies! Is that what they wanted? Did they want children to go to school only to come home to an empty house, spend hours unsupervised and left to their own devices as to what is right and what is wrong. We have children killing children now! The family unit has been destroyed in the name of feminism.

Now they cannot bring themselves to defend a young woman from the devastating harassment and intolerance in which she has been subjected to. They can't be bothered. Ms. Fedlt is an embarrassment to women. She has participated in the loss of our family unit and many children have suffered in the process. I hope the feminist are proud of this accomplishment.

I am glad I never became a feminist, I would hate to be represented by this woman, Gloria Feldt and others like her. If they cannot defend all women, then they need to get out of their feminist skirts, put on some pants and join the rest of us in the trenches. I'm glad I never became a feminist. I think what they have done to the family unit has done far more damage than making sure we get treated equally even though they cannot seem to treat other women equally.


  1. Isn't nice that finally we can call a feminist (or supposed one) a sexist pig...that crack about Miss California's breasts was out of line. Who knew feminist would end up being as denigrating as drunken men at a bar.

  2. They love free speech, until you say something they disagree with. Then they want your hide. Sorry. It doesn't go both ways. You can't be this vicious and stay up on your high horse.