Aug 8, 2009

For Dems, a new public enemy No. 1 -Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann under attack since Palin is out of their radar-

For Dems, a new public enemy No. 1 - Alex Isenstadt -

"She is a bizarre news story of the month every month," said Brian Melendez, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.
"Michele Bachmann is just nuts," said Jeremy Powers, a local DFL chair in Bachmann's district. "She is just an utter embarrassment." Read more:

"She is so principally and diametrically opposed to the core principles that we have," Donald McFarland, a Minnesota-based Democratic strategist, said of Bachmann. "She is further to the right than Attila
the Hun."
"She's the poster girl for the radical fringe element," added Brian Smoot, who served as political director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last campaign cycle. Read more:

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