Sep 4, 2009

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Bill Name: Empowering Patients First Act

Bill Category: Authorization

Extented Title: To provide for incentives to encourage health insurance coverage, and for other purposes.

Bill Summary: This information is intended to be a nonpartisan summary and may not include all specifics contained in the full text of the bill. Further research may be necessary in order to make an informed decision. This bill would provide tax credits for low income individuals if they have individual health care coverage. This bill would allow for a credit of up to $2000 for the coverage of a taxpayer and up to $500 for each covered dependant. This bill would also put into place a program where the credit, instead of going directly to the taxpayer, could be paid to a health insurer in lieu of premiums paid by the taxpayer. This bill states that a person who is eligible for government sponsored health services like Medicare or Medicaid could instead elect to take a tax credit and purchase their own health care. This bill also would provide a tax deduction for costs paid for health insurance. Tax credits will also be given to small business employers who provide health insurance to their employees.

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