Jan 23, 2010

Senior CDC Official Reassigned - ProPublica

WASHINGTON - APRIL 01:  Dr. Howard Frumkin (R)...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Senior CDC Official Reassigned - ProPublica

"Americans should know when their government tells them that they have nothing to worry about from environmental exposure that they really have nothing to worry about," Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC), the subcommittee's chairman, said in a statement to ProPublica regarding Frumkin's reassignment. "The nation needs ATSDR to do honest, scientifically rigorous work. There are many capable professionals at ATSDR who are committed to doing just that."

Since we live with the consequences every day, I doubt seriously any of us would believe what they say at this point. We have great hope that they will do a mortality study soon. If only they would send out medical questionares to those registered, it would go a long way in knowing what effects are possible to this contamination.

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