Apr 9, 2010

Veterans Input Needed on Environmental Breast Cancer Study - Salem-News.Com

Veterans Input Needed on Environmental Breast Cancer Study - Salem-News.Com

Input can be provided to the committee through written comments and materials submitted over the course of the study, and through brief presentations at committee meetings that will be held over the next few months.

The IOM’s Committee on Breast Cancer and the Environment is holding its first meeting on April 14-15, 2010 at the National Academy of Sciences Keck Building. The second meeting will be held in San Francisco area in the first full week of July 2010. Those interested in providing a brief presentation to the committee in April 14 or in early July should contact Jane Durch ( or Cassandra Cacace ( On April 14th, public comments will be heard during the mid to late afternoon. Time constraints may limit the number of speakers who can be accommodated, but all written submissions will be welcome.

Written materials can be submitted to the committee through the IOM staff at the e-mail or postal addresses shown below. Please note that any comments or materials submitted to the committee in paper or electronic form will normally become part of the study’s public record.

Questions about the study or providing materials for the committee’s consideration should be directed to co-study directors Lois Joellenbeck ( or Jane Durch (

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