Jul 19, 2012

Our Bill has now cleared the Senate!

Letter from Mike Partain regarding the water issue and the Senate, after some negotiation, Sen. Demitt released the bill to go forward and from his remarks said that he saw no reason for it not to pass. Yea for all of us! Hopefully help is just a few steps away... hang in there.
Our thanks to Jerry Ensminger and Mike Partain for the tireless journey.

Earlier this evening we achieved a major victory in our fight for Camp Lejeune. Senator DeMint released his hold and our Bill has now cleared the Senate. We ask that everyone cease contacting Senator DeMint's office and Face Book from this point forward.
We all owe Jerry a huge thanks. He has been tirelessly campaigning for the past two years and longer. Over the past few months, Jerry has burned up the phone lines to Washington in call after call to push our Bill forward to a vote.
Our next step is the House and a vote is expected relatively soon. We will keep you posted.
Mike Partain

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