Apr 28, 2009

Florida FairTax Educational Association Inc.

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To All Florida FairTax Supporters:

For several of you, this will be information that you have already received, but for many, it will be new so use in a manner that is appropriate for you.

I'm very proud to announce the formation of Florida FairTax Educational Association Inc. Many states have been given the opportunity by Americans for Fair Taxation, Houston, Tx. to form individual state grassroots membership orgainization and we have chosen to do so.

At the same time, we recognize that to promote FairTax as a meaningful alternative to the current system, we must accomplish three primary goals: 1. Purchase and supply FairTax Educational materials. 2. Participate in events where we can explain the FairTax. 3. Advertise the value of our organization and FairTax where appropriate. As you know, all of this activity has a cost so we needed to consider a plan that would help with the expenditures.
By the way, but equally important, is the fact that we are still an all volunteer organization with no paid personnel and will continue to be so in the future.

A steady flow of funds is the only realistic way of achieving financial stability so we have become a membership driven association. We also very much understand the economic times we live in so the "dues" are small by design. There are over 40,000 individuals within the state that have voiced an interest in the FairTax so we have structured yearly membership at $25 for individuals ($40 for families) and $100 for businesses with a variety of payment options.

There are many more details at our new state-wide web site and I recommend that you go to it. or contact me for more info.

We have also listened to you by incorporating some features that are important like a monthly accounting of funds received and where the money goes and keeping an open ear to the ideas and recommendations that you think are important.

There is much, much more that I would like to share, but I'll stop now with the understanding that I can be contacted on any question that you have the option of going to the web site.

Simply stated, we can move forward in a meaningful way only with your indovidual suppprt. Please consider joining us.

Mark Gupton
Managing Director
Florida FairTax Educational Association Inc
2799 S. Ponte Vedra Blvd.
S. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

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