Apr 14, 2009

Tax Day is here again, are you done yet?

Going to a Tea Party near you? I AM!
Tomorrow I will drive into town and stand on the courthouse steps with other like-minded Americans. We have a small town here, but small does not mean just a few people will show up. I will be bringing you pictures of what happens in our small town. I know that all over this land there will be hundreds of thousands joining me in their small towns and cities.
This revolution, and yes I believe it is a revolt of the common, usually silent, working people, won't be done by fire, but by peace. Peaceful protest of the people for what our government is doing to us and all the children of this nation. It is appalling and sickening to watch the bold moves of the new administration. It was bad enough to watch the last administration and the one before that and the one before that...and so on.
Somewhere, this country got off track from our idealistic Constitution and Bill Of Rights. From what I have learned it was around the 'New Deal', the years just prior and since then we have been working to pay off debt we should not, as a nation have. Now we are strapped with a 'New, New Deal". (Give us all your money, your kids money and a couple more generations yet to be born and we will take to care of others who we deem needy, and even to the those who are not even a naturalized US citizen, though soon to become so once we give them all amnesty!)
They say no tax hikes for 95%? Well my friends, that is just a blatant lie! It has only been a quarter of a year that this new administration has taken it's place and already I am feeling the pinch of their no tax hikes. Then why have the cigarettes gone up? Why has the gas gone up? Why is my eclectic bill rising to almost double? I can barely stand the thought of going to the grocery store because the prices have nearly doubled in just the last year. I really just want to leave it at the counter, because I have no longer have an appetite to eat. Until we have a Fair Tax, taxing our consumables and not our labor, we shall all be slaves. Consequently, unless and until we outlaw the Unions and Lobbyist, we will always be a slave to them as well.
Twenty billion in earmarks! That is just the earmarks, remember!
Oink! Group Calls Out Top Congressional Porkers New book Pig Book was just released today from the Citizens Against Government Waste. Pig Book Digs Up $19.6 Billion in Pork
Do not get me wrong, it isn't just this administration, it is the whole political game that makes me sick with grief. We, the people need to make our own kind of changes and vote out anyone that who will not defend our Constitution, call out those who trample over it as if it were the town crier's propaganda. Defend your liberties and your labor! Shout out for generations yet to come.
What I see happening as my hours and days slip by just makes me scream, literally! It also makes me scared... which is why I am so angry. I should not be scared in my own free country!
Keep fighting, keep writing, get involved and VOTE 2010 to restore our Constitution. Return to us our sovereignty. Return to us our money. Get out of our boardrooms and bedrooms. Get rid of all the traitors who have been there way too long! Investigate, prosecute and jail offenders! VOTE only for the candidate who can pledge to uphold our Constitution as the highest law of the land and really mean it. VOTE only for those would do not wish to see our country live under the rule of the rest of this world. Give us back our great country now!
Happy Tax Day 2009! Let us make April 15Th, 2010 and beyond just another spring day.
Hope to see you at a Tea Party near you! Visit for more information.
It is your First Amendment right to go and speak your mind. I am not a terrorist of our nation, but I do live in terror everyday of our nation.
That my friends, in my heart is just wrong! It is NOT my American way!

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