Apr 24, 2009

Tea Party Hate Mail « Pink Elephant Pundit

Unhinged anti-Tea Partiers. Crazy stuff. 100% unedited. Except where she censored the language.

Tea Party Hate Mail « Pink Elephant Pundit

a preview on one... please go read this.. I can only laugh =\

"---And the POWER of Change has come!!! The Age Of Excess is OVER!!! ‘We The People’ want more socialism! Hell a little communism wouldn’t hurt either!!!!!!"

He continues... and signs it-

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Boeglin
Fort Worth, TX.
Election Judge

To John Boeglin I say:

You want socialism? Then take your Electorial-self and go live in some other country so you can truly experience the socialism and communism you seem think should be forced on those of us who believe in our Republic, want to live by our Constitition and proudly stand with our Bill of Rights in our back pocket....

need a ticket to hell? I will gladly pay your way.

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