Jun 9, 2009

Honor Their Service- update


News about Move America Forward’s upcoming Troopathon continues to spread quickly—especially with the help of Fox News and the powerful conservative blog community.

Fox News’ “Red Eye” featured Troopathon co-host and “Red Eye” regular Andrew Breitbart Monday night. Impressed by what Andrew had to say about our upcoming Troopathon, “Red Eye” then invited Melanie Morgan to appear on the show Tuesday night. Melanie’s segment covered many exciting details about the Troopathon and you can check it out on our website here.

And not to be outshined by Fox News—we’re proud to announce that esteemed bloggers and fellow troop supporters Michelle Malkin, Ron Winter, Matt Lewis, Ed Morrissey and Robert Spencer will appear on the Troopathon. The influence of these bloggers is undeniable and we believe their participation indicates that “Honor Their Service” is a real web event with a strong online presence!

But, if we’re going to send the largest shipment in history to our brave troops serving in harm’s way, we’re still going to need more help to spread the word! Please check out our banner ads here and post one to your blog.

Lastly, stay tuned as we prepare to launch of our blogger care package competition. To increase your involvement in this year’s Troopathon we will be hosting a blogger referral competition to see which blog’s followers contribute the most for care packages. Teams will be established and prizes will be awarded!

We will continue to keep our website updated with the latest on this great event. Thank you! Erica Anderson Move America Forward (916) 441-6197, ext. 315

This afternoon I got this one..
A million heartfelt thanks goes to Gary Senise and Kelsey Grammer!


Kelsey Grammer and Gary Sinise will participate and appear on this year’s Troopathon—adding a little more sparkle to our already star studded guest lineup!

Both Kelsey Grammer and Gary Sinise are great patriots and longtime supporters of our troops. Grammer, best known as “Dr. Frasier Crane” on the sitcoms Cheers and Frasier, has also appeared in numerous other television shows and major motion pictures. Sinise portrayed Lt. Dan Taylor in the Academy Award winning movie Forest Gump and has since directed and starred in other movies and television shows including his now starring role in the television show CSI: NY.

Blogger Competition Update: Stay tuned for our blogger care package competition announcement coming later this week. We will organize teams by the end of this week to launch the competition starting Monday June 15. More information will be released with the competition announcement. And remember, our banner ads and media appearances are posted to the Media Kit.

Please help us bring attention to this great effort and post a banner ad on your blog. More exciting guest announcements are sure to follow.

For the latest check out our website

Thank you! Cheers!
Erica Anderson
Move America Forward
(916) 441-6197, ext. 315

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