Jun 16, 2009

The Letter- A Patriots Open Letter to Washington

Today on the Glenn Beck radio show, which I missed, he read an open letter from a 53 year old (homegrown American citizen) in Arizona. I wish I knew who she was because I would surely write her a thank you note. Hey Glenn, add my name to your note will you? Thanks!

In her letter she points out all the horrors of getting laws and regulations shoved down our throats and how the taxpayers (that be us) are being pillaged by the likes of ACORN and the many organizations affiliated with them, as well as other organizations who seem to think they need our American dollars to take away more of our American liberty.

He hits upon the core belief for most of the Patriots of this country... we entrusted you to uphold our Constitution. Do it already!

Every word of her letter I have thought and believe totally. Everyday that goes by I see our government abusing their powers. Firing an Attorney General? For what reason? Surely he wasn't taking money under the table or maybe he was fired for tax evasion or the likes? Oh that can't be it, I forgot we have one of those in the treasury already and a few in congress.

Argh! Enough of this crap already!

We are coming... we are oh so coming to take our nation back. Be afraid Washington, be very afraid for your jobs and be happy to get away with your life, cause personally, y'all belong in prison for the remainder your lying, scheming, treasonous lives.

This letter is the best thing I've read in months... share it.. send it along...thanks Glenn!

You can read the full content of the letter here: Glenn Beck : The Letter

And as always- Vote 2010--incumbents out--Patriots in!

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