Jun 16, 2009

IMF Funding-being debated now on house floor.. call and say NO!

HOUSE Of Representatives SWITCHBOARD 202.224.3121 -- They want five billion in FUNDING FOR THE IMF (that is an international bailout people)... although I am sure some of this and most of the other money will end up in the hands of our enemies... speaking of...they STILL want to show those damned photos. SAY and say NO! NO! NO! STOP THIS SPENDING!

It is being debated right now on the house floor.

The ACLU should be held liable for wanting those pictures open to the public. Liable for every bruise and scrape that America's citizens suffer if those pictures are released. It is obvious to me that the ACLU could care less about the safety and security of our troops or this country.

I am so sick of these organizations sticking their stuff shirts in our lives.

Vote 2010--incumbents out--Patriots in!

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