Jun 4, 2009

Vote 2010 -the 9/12 Candidates

Tune in and see what these Patriots have to say. Vote 2010!

Some of the 9/12 Candidates for upcoming elections can be heard on the Patriot's Pipleine Radio Show. He graciously gave the facebook group the following post:

David A Hill (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) wroteat 12:43am on May 30th, 2009
As host of the Patriot's Pipeline Radio Show, I am proud to promote and give air time to the candidates and organizers here at the 912 Candidates Project. Our interviews over the past 3 weeks have lifted my spirit and I have a renewed faith in our great country.Here are the links to our past 4 9:12 guests:

Chris Lewis (Maryland)
Chris Sloan (California)
RJ Harris (Oklahoma)
Franciene McDonald (Texas)

Learn more about We the people have a voice and we the people need to put forth people and vote for the candidate who will live by and vote by the values and principles the States of America was founded on.

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